Our Approach

Up3 augments the services of the foster care system by pairing traditional academic support with essential confidence building, motivation and life-skills development through participation in extra-curricular activities.

Nurture Passion to Unlock Potential

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Given the current stress on the foster system, existing resources can barely cover the basics of providing food and shelter for foster youth. As a result currently there are no resources to provide programs to identify, support and build upon strengths of youth in foster care.  
Participation in extracurricular activities is a fundamental part of an individual's development of a positive self perception. Up3 provides foster youth the opportunity to develop a positive self-identity, which is the key to unlocking their potential and driving their sense of purpose.
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"Efforts to make extracurricular participation a standard aspect of foster youth developmental experience are essential for their educational well-being" 

(GA State, Dr. Lionel Scott, 2018)

What we provide

Traditional Academic Support

Traditional Academic Support

Each Up3 youth will be provided with the tools needed to succeed academically. Up3 provides financial support for areas including tuition, supplies, and tutoring.

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Identification of Passion

Identification of Passion

Although many youth know what interests them, Up3 offers the chance to explore various hobbies to decide what they might want to learn more about.

Passion-Based Curriculum

Passion-Based Curriculum

Each Up3 youth will receive a personalized  program focusing on a particular interest that's catered to their learning style and pacing.



Each Up3 youth will be paired with a mentor who will support them with learning opportunities related to their passions, critical life skills, and overall encouragement.

At the end of the day, we want foster youth to understand and experiene their positive personal power and potential as they explore their area of passion.

Meet Latrell

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His Up3 focus is dance.

Meet Elijah

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His Up3 focus is football.

Thank you to our partners who help provide mentors as well as special experiences to nurture the areas of passion for Up3 youth.

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