Unlock Passion, Potential and Purpose

Up3 helps teens in the foster system identify and nurture their passions as a way to build critical life skills.

450,000 children

are currently in foster care in the United States
Upon aging out of foster care:
will earn a college degree
will instantly become homeless
will develop a substance dependence
of male foster youth will be convicted of a crime
of female foster youth will be pregnant by age 21
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About Up3

Up3 is a 501c3 organization, run by a passionate individual who is dedicated to ensuring each teen feels supported, valued and respected while nurturing their passion to unlock their potential.
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Why Now

The current number of kids in foster care is reaching an all-time high in GA, requiring new, innovative solutions to supplement the incredibly taxed system.
Youth at University of West Georgia

Our Mission

Up3 exists to highlight and help cultivate foster teens’ individual areas of passion to expose them to new experiences, build confidence, teach critical life skills and expand vocational opportunities.

"If you organize your life around your passion, you can turn your passion into your story and then turn your story into something bigger — something that matters."

—Blake Mycokie, Founder, Toms Shoes

Get Involved


Help Up3 youth reach their potential. Together, we can provide financial support for academic success and help them explore their interests.

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Volunteer for Up3

Donate your time to Up3. Help us create customized, passion-based programs to nurture Up3 youth.

Work with Up3 Youth

Be a mentor for a Up3 youth and help support them with things like transportation, learning opportunities, and overall encouragement.

Spread the Word

Share the Up3 story to help support our mission and spread awareness about our cause.